This is the blog of the Bootham School Archives. Bootham School is an independent Quaker school in York. It opened in 1823, and the school has a fascinating archive – everything from its official records to natural history to records of Old Scholars. I hope this blog will help to bring to light some of the wonderful stories that are contained when you begin to explore the archives, as well as giving a bit of an insight into what goes on in the archives.

There is a catalogue of the collection available at http://archives.boothamschool.com/ (this is still a work in progress, so does not yet include the whole collection).

Please contact Elaine.Phillips@boothamschool.com or 01904 623261 in the first instance if you have an enquiry or would like to donate an item to the archive.If you would like to find out more about Bootham School, please visit our website at www.boothamschool.com.


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