Old Scholars in the Fighting Forces

The December 1914 issue of ‘Bootham’ magazine included a list of those Old Scholars who were known to have joined the forces.

“Many Old Scholars have felt that the way to freedom and a more enduring peace lies only through an appeal to arms, and have joined the fighting forces of the Crown. Even those who disagree with their principles will honour their motives and their courage. We have endeavoured to make the following list of those serving as Regulars, Territorials, or in the Army Medical Corps as complete as possible, but there must be omissions; and we shall be glad to hear of any other Old Scholars serving with the Colours, with the names of their regiments :—R. H. Beck, A. Hunt, T. S. Impey, A. Impey, B. Harper, M. Haughton, G. Milner, B. Wright, A. Pumphrey, H. Pearman, J. Carr, T. A. S. Hamilton, D. Hamilton, J. R. Hamilton, G. N. Clark, A. Wilson, R. Burley, C. L. Bentley, E. Y. Priestman, J. Goodbody, O. Fayle, A. M. Hughes, E. Walker, G. P. Abbatt, F. Brockbank, C. Brockbank, J. G. Braithwaite, W. Irwin, L. P. I’Anson, W. M. I’Anson, P. Midgley, G. Cowpe, E. Sparkes, B. Goodbody, B. Watson, A. J. Clark, O. F. Goodbody, I. T. B. Cash, R. Manners, Maurice Brown.”

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