Arthur L. Lean (1886-89) in Germany

Our friend Dr. Henrietta Thomas, of Baltimore, who has paid several visits to Germany to repatriate German girls and bring back English girls, had dinner with Mrs. Lean and himself in their comfortable Berlin flat (some account of her impressions—not of the flat, but of the whole situation—appeared in the Labour Leader for November 12th). Although reliable information all seems to indicate that English have been better treated in Germany on the whole since the war broke out than Germans have been in England, it must be remembered that there are far fewer English in Germany and that these are of a superior class and can easily be kept under supervision. We shall be anxious to learn whether A. L. L. has been interned since the German Government began to adopt this policy by way of retaliation for the English action.

From ‘Bootham’ magazine, December 1914

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