The Ambulance Unit at Bootham School

“Perhaps the event of most importance during the term was the inauguration of an ambulance unit, composed of about fifty boys, under the supervision of Mr. Walker. We had nine stretchers lent us, but later obtained some of our own. We gave up football practices twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, when we practised the drill in the field. On Saturday evenings some twenty of the unit took First-Aid lessons, and at the end of the term an examination was held. Fifteen entered and fifteen passed. During the term two route marches took place, under the supervision of Mr. Knight; whilst subjects and lunch were forwarded in Mr. Walker’s car. Both marches were thoroughly enjoyed by all, although on the first occasion a great amount of doubling was done, perhaps a little unnecessarily, as we were not yet hardened to it. Some of those training now hope soon to join the Anglo-Belgian unit which is at present doing such beneficent and wonderful work at the Front. Before the unit had set out for Belgium, Mr. V. W. Alexander gave us a very interesting lecture on the day’s routine of work at Jordans, and how everything was conducted there.”

From ‘Bootham’ magazine, December 1914

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